Colin Hall at Camp Etna: Psychic Art

Camp Etna
77 Stage Road
Etna, Maine


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Colin Hall is a international Medium Psychic Artist and Healer presenting the workshop “Mediumship and Spiritual Art”

We start with Meditations that help us delve a little deeper into the inspiration of the Soul; the place where our wonderful spiritual gifts of the Arts and mediumship reside.

We will be creating Auragraphs working and learning about colors symbols and their connection to the spiritual would

This workshop helps build your confidence in your Art Mediumship and Healing. It is also designed to open your creativity and develop your spiritual gifts along your spiritual pathway and to learn to go with the flow.

The course includes the practice and use of pastels pencils. This workshop is suitable for students of all levels.

Spend some precious time with like minded people.

Colin conducts workshops throughout Germany, Austria, USA, Switzerland, Canada, and UK. He shares his vast knowledge and teaches the fundamentals of Art, Mediumship, and Meditation. As a renowned teacher in the metaphysical and spiritual art, Colin’s artwork delves into the realms of the Angels and the four elements.

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