Cord Blood Banking Testimonial: Apraxia Stem Cell Treatment

The Yankoviches looked into the benefits of cord blood banking and ultimately decided to store their children’s cord blood with Cryo-Cell International. It was a decision they would soon not regret.

Their second daughter, Rebecca, was diagnosed with childhood speech apraxia. It is brain damage that affects the ability to execute learned motor functions including speech. After she was infused with her own cord blood stem cells processed and cryogenically preserved by Cryo-Cell International, her motor functions improved and her speech “blossomed.”

Watch this family’s testimonial video about how cord blood stem cells were able to give their daughter the ability to communicate.

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Video Transcript:
Husband: Hi, we’re the Yankoviches from northern New Jersey, and we just want to discuss how we arrived at banking the cord blood for our children; we have three of them.
After doing research, I realized that there are a lot of benefits to this, and the benefits far outweigh the cost. My next step was to determine which cord blood company to bank with. Which one what I thought offered the most benefits, for my children, for their future. After that, it was really a slam dunk to choose Cryo-Cell and to choose them for my daughter Courtney, and, you know, it was really easy to sign up, and they were very helpful with giving me information, and never looked back since.
We obviously had more children after that, and it wasn’t a question of who I was going to bank it with; just when I was going to make the phone call; how far along my life went in order to get the kit sent over so that we could be prepared in case she should get into labor early.
From there, I looked at it more of life insurance. You hope to never use it, but you’re glad you have it when you need it. And we actually needed it at one point with our second child, Rebecca. We noticed something early with her that she wasn’t developing as quickly, and there were some delays, and we went to various different doctors.
Basically, you know, in the end, she was diagnosed with apraxia, and the recommendation to treat that was therapy.
You know, this wasn’t on the list of one of the curable diseases, and I just wanted to know, maybe there is a chance cord blood could help us, so I just contacted Cryo-Cell, and to my surprise, it was something that was treatable; it was something that another family had used; it just wasn’t listed.
They were very helpful to get me to the right facility, to the right doctor. We actually ended up going to Duke, which is one of the best children’s hospitals in the USA, and everything worked out great from there. It is now a year after the second dose, a year and a half after the first, and we’re seeing tremendous improvement.

Wife: The first time we infused her, it was just small things like buckling her seat belt, making a little more eye contact. The second infusion, she just exploded with language. Sorry.

Husband: No, to re-state what my wife had said, literally her vocabulary was limited to 10 words, maybe 20 words at top, and even those 10, 20 words …

Wife: You had to pump her to say them, and they weren’t full words. The second infusion just boosted her to, like, actually complete the word.

Husband: Complete a sentence.

Rebecca: Thanks, daddy.

Wife: Rebecca, do you want to play outside?

Rebecca: Yeah, let’s go outside.

Wife: Spell your name.

Rebecca: R-e-b-e-c-c-a

Wife: I love you!

Wife: Her vocabulary increased, now it’s like, the vocabulary’s like …

Husband: a couple of hundred words.

Wife: Her expressive language has also blossomed.

Husband: She would always play independently by herself.

Wife: She now plays so nicely with other kids.

Husband: It brings a lot of joy in our hearts to see this big change in her.

Wife: A lot of people have said to me, Oh my gosh, Rebecca has made so much change over the course of a year. What did you do? So I tell them, and they are like, Oh my goodness, this is amazing! You infused her with the stem cells, and she’s made so much progress with just everything. She’s like a totally different kid.

Husband: It’s amazing to see. You’re like, Oh, is this the same child? Did you bring me a stunt double or something? ‘Cause this is not the same Rebecca I saw a year ago.
Looking back, the best thing we probably ever could have done for our unborn child was this. Cryo-Cell had me ready to bank it once they’re born because it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bank it for them, and you don’t get a second chance. If you have to sacrifice something to get to it, I think it’s worth the sacrifice.

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